Addicted to...planning


I have always been a bit of a stationary addict.  Not many things I enjoy more than a wander round Paperchase picking up random new pretty pens, polka dot washi tape and writing paper that I think I will use but rarely actually do.

Now my obsession seems to have moved on to planners.  I hadn't realised they were totally "a thing" until I started looking for one.  Some folks put a whole lot of effort into their planners and they look freaking awesome.  After lots of research (and a fair bit of cursing as most of the planners I wanted were sold out) I settled on the agenda.  It is so very pretty.  I heart it.  It even comes with stickers; I love stickers as much as toddlers do.  If you don't know much about planners google Erin Condron, that baby is the holy grail of planners.  Think I have to build up to something like that though.

I use my planner for everything.  All my appointments, all my lists (I can't be the only one who makes lists of films they want to watch etc?!) and this week I added a meal plan into the mix.  Why had I not done a weekly meal planner before?  Makes life so much easier.

Geeky.  So very geeky.

Anyone else a planning addict?  I have also just started the #52listsproject but that is a whole different blog post.  Bet you're excited?!  Check out this for total planner porn...

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  1. I am addicted to planning too, I got a Kikki K filofax for Christmas and I am obsessed with making it look pretty. x

    1. Ooh, jealous! I have only just discovered Kikki K but their planners look beautiful. I did get new pens for my planner the other day;) X