Not a major success, more like a getting through the week and surviving type success.

I had a fab time in London and it was so so good to catch up with friends, talk about non mum things and be "me" again even if it was just for a day or so.  Then it was back to mum life with a bang. Ismay has been somewhat challenging this last week and has developed what I have decided to call a new war's a kind of constant droning which tends to come when unhappy!  Bless her.   I can't decide if it is teething or the after effects of MMR but I am definitely hoping for better this week.  Or is this just the transition to toddler-dom?!  My trip to London already seems like a distant memory.  Ha!

Shopping wise London was darn tasty.  I got the awesome shirt and floral dungarees from M&S (thanks for the help lovely Linzi) and some shiny shoes.  I also fell in love with Weekday body elastic skinny jeans.  I can't breathe in them which must mean they are excellent at sucking everything in.  Bravo Weekday.  Ooh and I got my nose pierced.  I love it.  And yes it did hurt but not as much as child birth and I now compare all painful things to that!

This week the mister is off to Nashville (my wannabe spiritual home so I am insanely jealous) so Ismay and I are heading back to Scotland (totes the same as Nashville!) for a week.  I have never been away with Ismay for a week and it appears we will need quite a lot of things.  Oh my.  I can tell it will be lists a-go-go for the next few days.

Here are a few photos from Ismay was not war crying and we were both jolly;)

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  1. Love your little nose stud! I've always wanted one since college admiring other women with a small cute diamond nose stud, but never did it.

    Turning 30 soon and soO afraid what others might think...worry I've missed the window of opportunity. It really looks very cute on you!!!

    I've always wanted one forever. Would love to ask you some advice.


    1. Well I am 34 so you can most definitely get it done! I had wanted one for ages too and was slightly put off as knew my partner wasn't keen or my mum BUT I never tend to do things others want me to do so here I am! You can get small studs too, super super cute. I say go for it and let me know if you get it done. Happy to answer any questions! xx