Wednesday wants...


I've got big news folks.  I have a weekend off, a whole weekend to myself.  So, I am hitting the bright lights of London and taking myself shopping.  It's long overdue (the weekend off and the shopping!) and I am very excited.  So excited I couldn't resist putting together a wee wishlist of things I have seen during my many online window shopping sessions.

My wardrobe has never really recovered post pregnancy.  I didn't have the biggest bump ever so I managed to wear a lot of my normal clothes for the full 9 months but not all of them retained their natural stretch;)  I need some new tops and I definitely need some new jeans, jeans are a nightmare though.  Or maybe I am just really really fussy.  If you know of any nice, skinny jeans that stay skinny esp round the ankle please do let me know.

Here are a few of my favourites pieces at the moment, I am especially loving M&S and Zara just now...

Ooh, pretty things

I have just realised how 'blue' my selections are.  Definitely going through a bit of a phase.  Maybe this weekend I should take the opportunity and time to try some other options!

Oh and on the down low I am also considering getting my nose pierced.  Have always wanted it done so why not?!

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