Ready steady cook...sort of


As soon as I got pregnant something really weird happened.  Well, one of many weird things but that is another blog post!  I started to enjoy cooking and loved the idea of making better meals to sustain me and bump.  This was very odd and somewhat terrifying.  I wasn't much of a chef.  Very quick pasta meals were my forte.

This odd notion has continued post bump and now I love nothing more than planning a menu of yummy (but very, very simple) meals for Ismay and I.  Plus Ismay seems to like my food as the only things she won't eat so far are watermelon and Heinz soup (can't blame her, not a fan myself!).  This will never be a cooking blog but I would like to share my weekly menus with you as I think they are good choices for busy people and heck if they inspire one person, amazing!

I get some of my ideas from recipe books but I often find them too complicated - they don't suit my throw it altogether style.  I get the majority of my recipes from Pinterest and slow cooker blogs.  I would be lost without my slow cooker.  I throw it all in when Ismay is having breakfast and wait for the magic to happen!

So, this week looks a little like this:

Monday - Mozarella stuffed turkey meatballs
Tuesday - Fish Pie
Wednesday - Chilli with sweet potato
Thursday - 3 ingredient chicken taco's
Friday - One pot chicken and potatoes

At the weekend we eat leftovers!

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